December 29

Bring your Family Now to Jesus (Part One)

Good ministry certainly comes out of aspects of who we are and what God has blessed us with. My own example would be as a Family Man, Husband, Father and Grandfather. I love connecting with my Family, both within and outside the church. Why mention outside the Church? Sadly, because not all of my Family go to a Church or really give any time to God. 

Let’s have a look at some possible connection areas to consider which I believe (through much heartfelt prayer and obedience) God can use. Guess what! Some of my Family (who seem to give God very little time actually care about these things I am and care about as well!

I certainly don’t do all. I pick the best. What about yourself? What can you add to this list? Comment and tell me what and why. 

I love my Harley-Davidson. Motorcycles are also loved by my eldest son and grandson.

I also love Fantasy and Science-Fiction. I read “The Hobbit” to my daughter when she was very young. She still remembers this now into her thirties and we still talk about the latest Fantasy book she has read.

I talk more on this in regard to the broader group of Friends and Acquaintances in my Course ‘Chocolate Evangelism’ but here I’m Focusing specifically on my Family.    There are closet Trekkers (Star Trek Fans) everywhere. I once stood in a train, just about to get out; when I saw a friend of mine a few seats back. I raised my hand, parting my fingers in two groups of two and said “Live Long…”. Before I could finish several other people raised their hands in a similar fashion and yelled out “…and Prosper”. My friend just smiled and joined in. My Wife pushed me out of the train muttering something like “How embarrassing”.If you don’t get the point of this story you are obviously not a Trekkie and you need to find one and ask them what this means :)Even Family Members often care deeply and passionately about similar things. My Daughter especially likes Fantasy Stories.I also love to write fiction. Randy Ingermanson mentions the below quote in his Writing ‘Fiction 101’ Course:- Nobody cares about what you have to say (Even sometimes your Family)- Nobody cares about you (Sadly, even sometimes your Family)- Everybody cares about something (Yes, even your Family)- Connect that something to yourself- Connect yourself with Family…and I would add:- God connects Himself through youGod mostly chooses to connect Himself with others through us, His people. Sure, the previous are broad general statements of Randy’s. However, I believe there is much truth there, even in regard to our Families. It is at the very least a good summary of what I have said so far. Even God connected through being one of us in Jesus! That is what those of our Families need to see about God.If the above examples of my Family are mine, where do you feel most comfortable? What do you deeply care about that others in your Family, outside the church also deeply care about?In other words…W. H. O. is your Target Group?W – What do you really care about? I hope you do really care about introducing your Family to Jesus. I also hope you care about those in your Family who are lax in their Faith. Here’s my suggestion: Start with your passions (or at least those things you’re interested in). And then find out if your passions are shared by your Family who could love God better. In other words – as you ‘delight’ in the Lord, what things does your heart truly ‘desire’ for your Family (Psalm 37:4)?If this is a problem, let’s create a list of things in which you have an interest. (In the next step we’ll be more specific.) Take out a blank piece of paper and write down as many answers as you can to the following questions:- What do you, and Family members like to do on vacation? Where do you like to go on vacation?- What was your favorite subject in school? What about in university or college? Is this interest shared by anybody within your Family?- If you could take any university or college classes today, what classes would you take? Is there any common ground here with your Family?- What do you like to do in your free time? Maybe others in your Family would like to do this as well.- Someone gives you $500 and says you MUST spend it on something “fun” for yourself. How do you spend that money, especially with your Family.- What websites, blogs, forums, etc do you regularly visit? (Hint: Look at your favorites/bookmarks on your browser.) Which of these sites are also visited by your Family?- What topics of conversation tend to always come up when you’re talking with Family?- What are your hobbies? What are your Families hobbies? – What do you like to collect? What does your Family like to collect?- What hobbies did you have when you were younger? Did any of your Family have the same? Could you re-kindle this together now?- What organizations or groups do you belong to? Are they similar enough for you to connect through them, especially any that also happen at Church you can invite your Family to.- Have you ever raised money for a charity (and if so, which ones)? Which ones does your Family give to and truly care about.- What do you like to watch on TV? What does your Family like to watch? What can you watch together and especially truly connect over?- What magazines and books do you like to read? Ask the same question for your Family. What ones can you read together and especially truly connect over? Hint: Even adults like to be read to aloud, not just children.- What topics of conversations get you “fired up” (or otherwise emotional)? Now here’s a good one. Our first point of connection is usually our emotions. Without causing any fights, what things get your Family “fired up”. Can you connect through any of these passions? Remember: No Fights!- I tell you that you need to give a 20 minute speech on any topic. What topic do you choose? What specific thing about God would you give a speech on to your Family.- You just won $50 million in the lottery. Now that you’re debt free and set for life, what will you do with all your free time? In what specific ways would this effect your Family…not you.- If I asked your family about your interests, what would they say? (Hint: Ask them yourself and list their answers!)If you answered the above questions honestly, you should have a nice list of possible connection points with your Family. What do you think of these? What about yours? I would love to hear about yours too.

Next Time in Part Two, we shall talk about being specific and how you may need to exclude some Family from your attentions.


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