January 1

Bring your Family Now to Jesus (Part Two)


– Hone this by being specific!Now list some SPECIFIC people  in your Family. From the previous: (Post One) think of the things you personally care about that those OUTSIDE THE CHURCH, in your Family, truly care about:(Hint: Use Ideas from the previous List if helpful)Examples could be:”My Cousins who just simply love watching and playing Soccer””My Aunt who just simply adores her orchids””My worrying Son who just loves his Motorcyclists””My wonderful grandchildren who just love dressing up and playing fairies “”My maddening husband whose Driver’s Licence is mainly used on me…up the wall. Get Specific as possible. Name names.O – Only pick 1 or 2 as your final ‘Target Group’!REMEMBER, only chose One or Two at the most. Why? We need to do one or two things well, not ten poorly. Having these specific people in mind will be part of your thinking for this week.So now, the hard part. This will be a long time, ongoing thought. How will you know how and when to focus on one or two people in ways that are not ‘playing favorites’ or seem contriving? When do you swap and swap back and swap to others? I wish I could give you a cut and dry formula. 

At least let me tell you what I do know. If you spread your time, energy and money over many people in your family and extended family, all at once these three ‘powers’ of yours will be so watered down, nothing will be achieved. Each will receive so little of your time, energy and money. They may not even notice you are around.

What about Leverage? What I mean here is to leverage the ministry you are already doing. Examples could be if your focus at the moment is a child, could you also focus on the parent, expending little to no extra time, energy and money, thereby having some of these things left over, for simply yourself or to give another in your family? 

That Soccer game you go to see on a regular basis (not necessarily every game) that your young nephew plays in probably involves their parents as well.

Let me ask this question. Do you see your Time, Energy and Money as precious gifts from God you can give to others? IMPORTANT NOTE: Your ‘Target Group’ is people firstly and foremost, your precious family in this case. They are People, who you will laugh with, fight with, weep with. They are people who you love (and not so much love) spending time with. They are people you will raise before God. You will get passionate and even angry with God at times over these people. Above all you are on a rescue mission to find Gods people and BRING THEM HOME! God says you are in the best position to do this (Exodus 20:6; Deuteronomy 7:9)

So get on with it!

Next Time in Part Three, we shall start l talk about how to truly know and use your families unique culture.


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