Free '3 Must Ask Questions' Download

The '3 Must Ask Questions' Reflection

3 Questions You Must Ask so Family, Friends and Acquaintances can come to Jesus without any pressure, hard sell or weirdness

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In This Free 4 Page Evangelism Reflection, I'll Show You...

* my exact '3 Questions' that will allow you to bring others to Jesus without resistance or rejection.

*How these Questions put you in the best possible position for others to ask you about your Faith.

Captain Andrew CARTER

* How using these Questions will enable you to ‘sell without selling’ so you can focus on important basics – loving people and speaking into their lives.

* Not everyone will respond to you, so find out quickly the ones God has specifically sent you and are eager to learn more.

And so much extra...

G’day! My name is Andrew CARTER.


I help Christians who want to easily and effortlessly bring others to Jesus. I help them to truly know their focus group, sharing tips and strategies that speak into lives, rather than at people. I help Christians to grow their Churches thereby fulfilling Christ’s commandment in ‘The Great Commission’.

This short Reflection will show you how... 

This short 3 Questions will give you the first important steps for continuing growth in your Church and speaking into people’s lives. 

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