Los Angeles: Tuesday, July 17th @ 11 A.M.
New York: Tuesday, July 17th @ 2 P.M

Free One Hour Online Workshop       

The Focus, The Questions 

and The Story

"How to tell Family, Friends and Acquaintances about JESUS without any pressure, hard sell or weirdness" 

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Tuesday, July 17th @ 11 A.M. Pacific Standard Time (PST)
Tuesday, July 17th @ 2 P.M. Eastern Standard Time (EST)
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Only 100 Spots

Very Limited Workshop...Essential Knowledge for those who wish to 'Speak Into' Lives rather than 'At' People.

What You Will Learn On This Free 1 Hour Online Workshop:

The Secret of 'FOCUS'

Friends and Family give their lives to the Lord because people around them care enough to spend time, energy and often money to be beside them, and usually not just occasionally. Learn how to prioritize others so they will feel especially loved and cared for without you being patronizing, fake or spending large quantities of time.

The Secret of 'QUESTIONS' ​

People respond when someone speaks "into" their lives rather than just "at" them. Very few respond by 'being taught like students', even by people with good intentions. Learn the questions you really need to ask yourself to 'show people' what they really need without 'telling them' in rude, pushy or generally just weird ways.

The Secret of 'STORY'
It's not surprising the most important Story is our own. This is because this is the Story we live out, for better or worse, each day of our lives. Learn how not to tell your Story, but instead tell another person's story. Learn how to 'paint yourself and God' into their specific Story without intruding, feeling awkward or apprehensive.

Captain Andrew CARTER

About Your Host

G’day! My name is Andrew CARTER. I'm an Evangelism Coach from Sydney, Australia.


I love the Lord Jesus and he is my Lord and Saviour. I believe the Bible to be the word of God.

I help Christians who want to easily and effortlessly bring others to Jesus. I help them to truly know their focus group, sharing tips and strategies that speak into lives, rather than at people. I help Christians to grow their Churches thereby fulfilling Christ’s commandment in ‘The Great Commission’.

I believe His coming to take us home is closer than ever. The Commission He gave us is, in my opinion, is the most urgent of all Generations previous.

How Can I Help?

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